PURPOSE: Established in 1998 to recognize individuals who, or organizations which, contribute time, talent, and/or treasure that enhances and supports the goals of the Fairport-Perinton Chapter of Dollars for Scholars (DFS) and its programs.


FREQUENCY: May be awarded annually if there is a qualified nominee. Any current member of the Fairport-Perinton Chapter of the Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors or any DFS Advisory Board member may make a nomination.



Nominee has:

• Demonstrated past or present significant commitment to the chapter

• Suggested and implemented new program ideas

• Invested volunteer time in a Dollars for Scholars program or activity

• Has provided unique financial support, goods, or services


PROCESS: Because DFS board membership is fluid, nominations should be made in writing and should describe both the contributions made by the nominee and the reason(s) for consideration for the award. This written nomination should be distributed to the members of the Board of Directors followed by Board discussion at a scheduled meeting. The Board members will then vote on the submitted nomination. A majority vote of the members present at the meeting will be needed to designate an honor award recipient.


NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE HONOR: A current Fairport-Perinton Dollars for Scholars Chapter Board of Directors member or a Dollars for Scholars Advisory Board member


PRESENTATION: Ideally the recipient would be recognized at a Fairport Central School District School Board meeting.